Creating data displays

Here a few videos to help you create the data displays with your own survey data.

Create a Box Plot

Frequency Tables

Line Plots


Iditarod Musher Cindy Abbott’s Visit



Yesterday, Iditarod musher Cindy Abbott visited our class. She spent 2 hours talking with students, sharing her story and answering questions. She is a truly a remarkable person and we are grateful she was able to spend time with us. Cindy has climbed Mt. Everest, traveled to 6 out of 7 continents and has run the Iditarod. But most notably, she has done all of this while fighting a very rare disease. To help highten awareness, Cindy has become a spokes person for National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD):  Read more about her story at 09.16.562014-05-08 09.16.46






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Cindy, Thank you so much for taking time to speak with my students!

Percent Applications: Student Created Videos

Here are some videos created by my students explaining how to solve real-world problems involving percents.

Topic I: Sales Tax

Sales Tax Group I from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.

Topic II: Discounts & Sales

Sales & Discounts Group B from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.

Topic III: Mark-Ups

Mark-Ups from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.

Topic IV: Tips/ Gratuities

Tips and Gratuities Group K from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.

Tip and Gratuities – Group C from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.

Tips Group D from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.

Topic V: Commission

Topic VI: Simple Interest

Group L


  <  >  Here are some good games to practice solving and graphing inequalities: From the IXL

Geometry Collages

Which collage do you think best illustrates the concept? Please clcik here to vote for your top 2 favorites.

Steven & Jonathan Maria V& Diego Johanan & EliEmiline & Evelyn Clarisa & Cecilia VivianAshley & joe  Ana & Emilia  Yahara & Frankie   Vanessa & Shirel Swemi & Michelle Sinai Izzy & Gabby Rodrigo & Carlos Randy & Gerardo Osvaldo & Karyme Monica & Eric     Marisol & AndreaF Larry& Sharon Kimberly & BryanE Jesus & Jose Jairo & Antonio Crystal & Miguel Becky & Marhaly AndreaV & MaryAubrianna & Melanie Angel & Sergio  AndreaT & Juve

Geometry: Quiz 11 Review

Please check your answers to Practice Quiz #11.


Here are some games for review.

You can also complete the Geometry review questions and check your work.

CST Review

Here are the answers to the Measuring Up Review.

Click on Comments and let me know which questions you’d like me to discuss in class.

Test #2

Test #3

Geometry 48. Volume

Main Idea: Volume always equals the Area of the base of the prism multiplied by the height of the prism.

Here are the class notes:

Try these games for review:

Geometry 49. Area of Irregular Figures

Please watch the video and practice finding the area of irregular figures.

Area of Irregular Figures: A short PreAlgebra Tutorial from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.

Here are the class notes:

Geometry: 47. Surface Area

1. What is surface Area?

2. How can we calculate surface area for a rectangular prism?

Watch the video below for an explanation.

Surface Area: A short PreAlgebra Tutorial from Andrea Earl on Vimeo.